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It is faith in something and enthusiasm for something that makes a life worth looking at.

 Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809-1894) American author and poet 
ISSUE #5 | Views: 1097 | Added by: Chuda | Date: 22-May-2012 | Comments (0)

   Would you miss the opportunity of visiting Las-Vegas in July, living in one of the greatest hotels, sightseeing and having a lot of fun?
ISSUE #5 | Views: 1211 | Author: Liza Gribaleva | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 27-Feb-2012 | Comments (5)

   I was invited to the United Arab Emirates in November, 2011 as a participant of the World Robot Olympiad. I was proud of myself because I was selected as a member of  the Russian National Robot team. My adventure started from the flight departure in Moscow....

ISSUE #5 | Views: 1569 | Author: Grigory Makgonyuk | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 27-Feb-2012 | Comments (17)

   Every person has a dream, as for me I have never spoken with people from English-speaking countries and I am glad that my dream has come true! Thanks to the Club of International Friendship ”Meridian” which was opened last year in our school 82,Ulyanovsk. 

ISSUE #5 | Views: 1048 | Author: Ilmira Aizyatova | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 26-Feb-2012 | Comments (16)

   My family likes to travel very much!  We visited many European countries, and we enjoyed ourselves. Our last trip was to Spain....

ISSUE #5 | Views: 1005 | Author: Alina Raskatova | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 25-Feb-2012 | Comments (1)

Have you ever thought about being an exchange student? Trips, new people, emotions and impressions! These all are so exciting, right? Be an exchange student now – change the world tomorrow! But if you go to the United States of America, you should know how to be in unity with other people as well if you want to succeed!...

ISSUE #5 | Views: 1183 | Author: Yegor Naumov | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 25-Feb-2012 | Comments (4)

This school year was unlike others. It began in another way. ...

ISSUE #5 | Views: 1082 | Author: Vladislava Kachurova | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 25-Feb-2012 | Comments (6)

   We live in an unusual time, in the time of globalization, in the world without any boundaries. When my parents told me about their childhood I couldn’t believe that they had had no opportunity to travel around the world. Our generation has many possibilities to visit different countries and to have our own opinion about people, traditions and places of interest there.

ISSUE #5 | Views: 1050 | Author: Bogdan Starodubtsev | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 25-Feb-2012 | Comments (4)

   On the third of January my parents and I went to the capital of our country,   to the city of Moscow. I had never been to Moscow before. I couldn’t even imagine how beautiful and attractive this city was!

ISSUE #5 | Views: 930 | Author: Viktoria Karpova | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 25-Feb-2012 | Comments (3)

I like travelling  very much. When you travel, you usually see interesting places and meet interesting people, you are also impressed greatly!

ISSUE #5 | Views: 901 | Author: Varvara Shabanova | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 24-Feb-2012 | Comments (0)

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