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My trip to Grand Canyon

Would you miss the opportunity of visiting Las -Vegas in July, living in one of the greatest hotels, sightseeing and having a lot of fun? My family and me were offered to spend 4 days in Nevada while being in the USA. And we went there with great pleasure, admiring the luxurious city centre, casinos, fabulous restaurants and theatre performances. And on the third day we decided  to come closer to American culture and have an excursion to Grand Canyon National Park, AZ. At first I found this idea quite boring but then I couldn’t imagine how wrong I was!

After 5 hours of bus trip, eating gummies and watching movies all of us got to Arizona’s main sight. When we got off the bus, I saw only one thing. It was a breathtaking view of Grand Canyon and Colorado River. The blue sky, green trees and bushes, yellow and brown stones- all these vivid colours impressed me very much. I offered my family to go to the observation point to enjoy the beauty of the wildlife. In fact, I couldn’t imagine that nature was so amazing and exiting. In addition, there were a lot of squirrels around the national park. They turned out very friendly and we fed them with some nuts which dad bought in a small shop nearby.

Then I found a souvenir store, which was full of different beautiful stuff. My granny bought a small painting of Grand Canyon and some cute postcards. And dad let me buy a keychain with image of National Park and my name on it. While we were paying for souvenirs, a shop assistant offered us to take part in a lottery. We refused, but he gave me some pencils with Arizona lottery logo. It’s my personal souvenir to bring back home.

During our way to Monte Carlo hotel & resort in Las- Vegas, I fell asleep because of this interesting and educational trip.That day was one of the greatest days in my life! All my impressions can be expressed in 2 words: unforgettable experience!

Category: ISSUE #5 | Added by: Guzeliya (27-Feb-2012) | Author: Liza Gribaleva
Views: 1188 | Comments: 5 | Rating: 5.0/9
Total comments: 5
5 Tanya  

4 Roma  

3 Marina  

2 Sergey  
I wouldn't say that visiting this place is one of my lifetime ambitions, but if I go to The USA one more time,going to see this place will be the first thing to do for me.

1 Julia  
The Grand Canyon is a really wonderful place! The author described this place so colorfully that I want to go there and see it myself smile

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