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Dear readers!

Welcome to our ezine 3rd special issue under the slogan "Hurrah! We are Different!” fully devoted to foreign countries.
ISSUE #3 | Views: 799 | Author: Marina Shvets | Added by: Chuda | Date: 25-May-2011 | Comments (0)

Each time getting to a new country or even to a new city you - unwillingly, consciously or subconsciously, start noticing something that surprises you, appeals to you or not, sometimes shocks, sometimes fascinates you. So, to be short, you start uncovering this world - world full of diversity.

ISSUE #3 | Views: 1157 | Author: Olga Pletneva | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 24-May-2011 | Comments (0)

 These are the experiences of two Tatianas. One of them has lived in Spain for 11 years, the other has been there for a week only.

ISSUE #3 | Views: 865 | Author: Tatiana Likintseva | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 15-May-2011 | Comments (6)

   Personally I feel very comfortable living in my native town. I'm not sure, I could live anywhere else. But I have a lot of friends scattered around the world. One of the last to move abroad was my school and university friend. Last year she got married and moved to the Netherlands. I decided to interview her about this country. This article is a kaleidoscope of her impressions of different sides of life there as they turned up in our friendly chat.
ISSUE #3 | Views: 1291 | Author: Olesya Dirks | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 15-May-2011 | Comments (4)

My country lies in the centre of Europe. It‘s a small area with about 3 million people. I like my motherland and I am proud to live here....
ISSUE #3 | Views: 4428 | Author: Jurgita Bertulienė | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 15-May-2011 | Comments (6)

    Indonesia is a really big country with a vast and colorful archipelago rippling across the equator for nearly 5000 km in South East Asia region...

ISSUE #3 | Views: 1288 | Author: Femy Adidia | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 15-May-2011 | Comments (3)

Kwame Amponsah has been teaching English as a a second language in Russia from 1998 to 2001. In this article he tells about differencies between Russia and Ghana, his motherland.
ISSUE #3 | Views: 1060 | Author: Kwame Amponsah | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 15-May-2011 | Comments (3)

   In this article I want to compare and contrast life in my home county of Cheshire with that of other parts of the U.K and also that of other countries. According to the old proverb ‘the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, let us examine whether or not this is true...
ISSUE #3 | Views: 1024 | Author: Jason Williams | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 15-May-2011 | Comments (4)

Have you ever been to Canada? Yes? No? Read anyway! 

ISSUE #3 | Views: 1286 | Author: Lana Konakova | Added by: gretagolden73 | Date: 15-May-2011 | Comments (3)

   My cousin Olga has the travel bug. She’s hitch-hiked from Nizhny Novgorod to Baikhal and Sakhalin, travelled around half Europe. In Thailand she met her French husband-to-be, who is a sailor, and followed him to New Zealand. They spent a year there. He was gaining experience after graduating from Maritime Academy in France and she was volunteering for English Language Partners. I caughed her on the move in the Caribbean. They are yachting around the world with two friends and are about to cross the Atlantic to reach France. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for these brave people. By the time you read these sketches I hope they will have reached their destination safe and sound. No wonder in such conditions she wasn’t able to write detailed observations of life in New Zealand. But the notes she jotted when they were within Internet reach are also worth reading.
ISSUE #3 | Views: 1071 | Author: Tatiana Likintseva | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 14-May-2011 | Comments (3)

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