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Ghana and Russia - 5 differencies

The first major difference between Ghana and Russia is that Russia is many, many times bigger than Ghana. Russia is the largest country in the world as we all know. Ghana is just a very small country.  Russia stretches from Europe to Asia. Ghana is only a small country in the west coast of Africa. You can look it up on your world map.

Another difference is the climate. Ghana has a tropical type of climate, while Russia has a continental type of climate. Because of this, most part of Russia is always very cold in the winter months, while Ghana is never cold during that period. Ghana is warm and hot most of the time.  It’s cool though, in some parts of Ghana where there are mountains, but not as cold as in Russia.

 Thirdly, since the temperature in Ghana is a tropical type, there is no snow. It always snows in Russia in winter, but it never snows in Ghana. Russia was the place where I experienced snowstorm from 1998 to 2001 and that was the second time I saw snow falling from the sky. 

The first time was in Sweden in 1984. It was really a very cool experience for me. Now I love snow. I enjoyed snowball fights when I was in Russia and it was always fun when I fell on the snow-covered streets in Russia, thanks goodness I never got hurt! Whenever I fell down during the winter months, I quickly got up and looked around if there was anyone looking! Anyway, I didn’t worry about that too much because I was not the only one falling down; a lot of people fell like me.

Clothing is one of the main differences between Ghana and Russia. Since Russia is very cold during winter, Russians always have to put on heavy, warm clothes, but Ghanaians never have to put on heavy, warm clothes, except for a few places in Ghana where there are lots of mountains, where people sometimes have to put on light jackets in the early morning and in the night.  Ghanaians always wear colorful light clothes.  Ghanaians like to wear batik, which makes them feel very comfortable.  Ghanaians never wear suit and necktie and walk in the sun.  It’s like a big punishment to do that! It is only those who work in the big government offices that wear suit and necktie and not for the ordinary citizens who walk in the scorching sun.

 Below are some colorful clothes people wear in Ghana.

Finally, Russians enjoy winter sports, while Ghanaians can only enjoy summer sports.  Russians always play ice hockey but Ghanaians never play ice hockey. Russians like to do gymnastics while Ghanaians like to do athletics.  Russian kids enjoy playing in the snow, but Ghanaian kids enjoy playing in the sand. 

Ice hockey in RussiaFootbal in Ghana
Whatever the differences may be, we all enjoy life in our various countries.

                    written by Kwame Amponsah

Category: ISSUE #3 | Added by: Guzeliya (15-May-2011) | Author: Kwame Amponsah
Views: 971 | Comments: 3 | Tags: Ghana and Russia | Rating: 4.6/9
Total comments: 3
3 Ann  
Yes, I fully agree with Sergey. I can't imagiine my life without snow, ecpescially in winter on Christmas)

2 Chuda  
For me all the African countries are something really mysterious

1 Sergey  
I'd like to visit the country and enjoy huge amount of sun through the whole year.Although I reckon I'd miss our snow verymuch...

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