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When I was asked to name five things I like especially, I was confused because there are so many of them. In spite of everything I have distinguished some and want to share them with you.

First, I like the amber. After the storm when the sea calms down there are lots of weeds on the shore. They are taken from the depth by the waves and as a legend tells hide the secret pieces from the Jurate‘s castle – the amber. This tiny precious stones value much more to me than the big ones bought from the stores.


Secondly, the Curonian Spit invites me back every summer. It's a narrow strip of sand stretching many kilometres along the Baltic Sea reminds the ancient times when Neringa protected people from the stormy sea. 

Then, the Hill of Crosses impresses with the aura of spirituality. People still remember its shocking story of the castle burned with four thousand men with their children and women. Though the slain formed the hill, it wasn‘t the event which started the tradition of crosses. This happened later when the very ill man promised God in his prayer to put the cross on the hill. The man got well and kept his promise. The tradition extends till our days and the Hill of Crosses grows. The testimonies of happy people grow too.

Although Lithuania‘s landscape is flat, I have a passion for the hills.  Gediminas Hill is one of my favourite places. It‘s due to the legend of Iron Wolf which showed in a dream to Gediminas, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, and conveyed the message to build the town. He ordered to mound the place for the castle, so Gediminas Hill appeared. And as the High Priest, Kriviu Krivaitis, proclaimed the town became prosperous. It is the capital of Lithuania till our days.

The last, but not the least thing is the Hill of Witches. Lithuania is a catholic country, but looking to the past it has the roots of paganism too. The thing which attracts me to that hill is not the religion though, I like the woodcarving and there are about 80 wooden sculptures. The hill is located in the forest and it is especially attractive on Midsummer Night's Eve celebrations.

                               written by Jurgita Bertuliene

Category: ISSUE #3 | Added by: Guzeliya (15-May-2011) | Author: Jurgita Bertulienė
Views: 4289 | Comments: 6 | Tags: Lithuania, Gediminas Hill, Hill of Crosses, Amber, Gediminas | Rating: 5.0/7
Total comments: 6
6 Valeria  
I knew so few about this country, which is amazingly interesting & really worth seeing! Liked this article very much! Thanks! smile

5 Yulia  
This article makes me want to go to Lithuania. I was really impressed by the Hill of Crosses and the Hill of Witches seems a very interesting place too.

4 Evgenia  
n' i would really like to visit the Hill of Witches)

3 Chuda  
The photos are amazing. I'd really like to spend some time there, especially near the castle

2 Sergey  
You wouldn't believe that but this is my first article I've read about this country.I liked the spit much, 'cause it's been my dream to get to the place like this a long strip ao sand protruding far into the sea...

1 Marina Shvets  
I also like amber. At the first glance it looks a bit plain, but then it magnetises you 'cos you realize that it took nature thousands or millions of years to create this gem.

Did you know that if you rub an amber stone with a cloth for some time, it becomes electrically charged and attracts small particles:)

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