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Have you ever heard about Ghana? Do you know where Ghana is? Read on!

ISSUE #3 | Views: 2240 | Author: Kwame Amponsah | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 14-May-2011 | Comments (3)

   Cuba used to be a close friend of the USSR, but now little we know about this fascinating tropical country in the Caribbean sea....
ISSUE #3 | Views: 8814 | Author: Marina Shvets | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 14-May-2011 | Comments (7)

   Someone said :”Mexico has a firm place in world culture and happenings”. I totally agree with it. With all its fascinating ancient cultures there’s always something new and interesting to find out about this country.
ISSUE #3 | Views: 1726 | Author: Uliya Yanushevskaya | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 13-May-2011 | Comments (4)

   If we only imagine that every country has its childhood, adolescence & old ages, modern China is a hyperactive teen, craving for trying everything, buying everything & shooting it by iPhone.

ISSUE #3 | Views: 29886 | Author: Christina Denina | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 13-May-2011 | Comments (1)

Spain. What do we really know  about it? 
ISSUE #3 | Views: 1543 | Author: Nastya Shelyakina | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 12-May-2011 | Comments (0)


  People say that Greece is a paradise for tourists who are interested in Art, culture and literature. 

  Imagine that we're in Greece, so let's look around.

ISSUE #3 | Views: 3442 | Author: Vasilina Mernaya | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 12-May-2011 | Comments (3)

It’s a story of my friend from school. I talked to her on the phone about our project and she was very pleased to tell us about the country where she lives.
ISSUE #3 | Views: 4576 | Author: Valeria Kolomijtseva | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 12-May-2011 | Comments (0)

Everybody thinks of France as the land of green lanes, noble wines, haute couture and sweet songs by Patricia Kaas.
 I believe that most people know a lot about such symbols of France as the Eiffel Tower, Avenue des Champs-Élysée and Le Louvre Museum. Some have heard about the most famous features of French lifestyle: frog and snail-eating, very elegant women, flattering men, eternal revolutionary spirit of the French youth. But few know the real details of life in France.
ISSUE #3 | Views: 1762 | Author: Tatiana Nechaeva | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 12-May-2011 | Comments (1)

On the 9th of May we celebrated the Victory Day. But how do we usually spend this day? Many people go out of the city to their Dachas or go picnicking to the country and enjoy the spring nature. Others may take part in The Parade, wandering around and staring at old military machines, watch a few veterans passing by with a bunch of flowers. Or we just stay home watching some old movies about the War.

   But do we ever think of what this day really means to us, to our people, to our country?

ISSUE #3 | Views: 1528 | Author: Anna Simonova | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 12-May-2011 | Comments (2)

   Modern Europe at its best, Switzerland appeals to visitors who travel to surround themselves with spectacular scenery — and want to travel from point to point via clean, reliable, and affordable public transportation.In this compact yet geologically diverse nation, mere miles separate the glaciers and Alpine meadows of Switzerland from her sparkling lakes and swaying palm trees.

   The Swiss Travel System — an impressive network of trains, boats, and buses — is what connects the dots. In fact, this first-rate transportation resource is an apt symbol of the country’s vaunted friendliness, efficiency, and intelligence.

ISSUE #3 | Views: 671 | Author: Marina Blizhina | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 11-May-2011 | Comments (2)

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