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Introducing Indonesia

  Indonesia is a really big country with a vast and colorful archipelago rippling across the equator for nearly 5000 km in South East Asia region. An adventurous wild tropical nature richly layered with character elaborates with unique diverse cultures and also well-known warm hospitality. A place like heaven for all five senses we have, where tasty culinary enriched with spices and heady scents, vivid colors, melodious traditional music mixed with attractive dancing movement leaving such a wonderful and unforgettable impression on anyone who visits. This is a country which has more than 200 million people, the world’s fourth most populous nation. We are also a nation which has the largest moslem population in the world, approximately 80% of all Indonesians are moslems. In general, Indonesia is a deeply religious nation even the minorities (Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, etc).

   "Hello mister!”, it’s a common greeting followed with a warm smile from an Indonesian to welcomes you in their beloved country. Hospitality spirit is originally in all Indonesian blood.The fact that they were born in a country which has so many culture diversities including ethnic groups, religions, languages, dialects, and traditions, made Indonesian get used to and respect all the differences we have. Indonesian culture has been shaped by long interaction between original indigenous customs and multiple foreign influences. Even though Indonesia having almost 300 different cultures spreading across the country and having different kind of faiths, but generally for years Indonesians live side by side in peace. It’s very contrary to what may appear from international news coverage. Despite their economic and political problems, Indonesians have remained open and friendly. So don’t be surprised if one day when you are waiting for a bus in Indonesia, any Indonesian beside you greets you and opens a conversation with a warm friendly smile.

   There’re thousands of interesting places in Indonesia. Let’s start trailing a few best of it from Sumatra Island, where you can swim in the largest Southeast Asia’s volcanic lake of Toba backed with the gracious Batak’s hospitality. Crossing to Java island in Yogyakarta, a city where Java’s culture  is well developed. Taste the sweetness of Gudeg and then watch Wayang, the traditional puppet show. In this city you can also find  the historical Borobudur Hindu’s temple, one the 7 wonders in the world. Then crossing the sea heading to Bali island you can’t miss the island of Gods. You can enjoy sunbathing in the white sand of Kuta Beach, exploring an exotic place like Ubud, and then at night watch the Kecak dance show. Fly to Kalimantan island where you can trek in one of the biggest wild tropical rain forests in the world and explore the amazing wildlife diversity in it. Don’t forget to see Orang Utan and learn more about this almost extinct species. And then fly to Irian Jaya(Pa pua), explore the beauty of Raja Ampat Islands which is Indonesia’s largest national marine park. Raja Ampat offers a range of marine life believed to be the most diverse on the planet. So, prepare your swim suit and also snorkel equipment to explore the beauty of Raja Ampat’s underwater world. Irian Jaya also has the Dani’s Tribe who still has an exotic primitive life in the middle of the wild jungle, far away from electricity and technology services. 
Find out about their life and culture and add a great value to what you know about how we appreciate life. So, come on!! Please do come to visit Indonesia!!!

                                           written by Femy Adidia


Category: ISSUE #3 | Added by: Guzeliya (15-May-2011) | Author: Femy Adidia
Views: 1208 | Comments: 7 | Tags: Indonesia, Indonesian culture Raja Ampat | Rating: 4.9/7
Total comments: 3
3 Marina  
It was the idea of this article:) To open an appealing perspective of this country!

2 Chuda  
Now I feel like going there and spend my holiday. I suppose it'll be the best time

1 Sergey  
I guess that' s totally diferent from Russia! I'd go...

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