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   How they talk
   What grabs your attention, better to say your ears, is the way they speak. They do it loudly, quickly and nonstop. Our room on the 4th floor faced two small restaurants. If you stayed in the room at lunchtime, you'd have an impression that you live no higher than the first floor and right below your balcony there's a market so loud the restaurant buzz is. (BTW, the floors in Spain are numbered starting with the ‘ground floor’, which means that the 4th floor is in fact the 5th one).
   A group of Spanish people joined us on a bus to go to the concert. They all looked as if they were relatives, they were talking, laughing, sharing jokes and one man even started singing.
   On a train to Malaga there was an elderly couple. The man couldn't just sit still. In a minute you could hear him tapping on the seat and humming some tune.

   How they eat
   They are very sociable and mostly prefer to eat out starting with breakfast. Once a week they dine out with their family. Spanish cuisine is very delicious and rich in variety of dishes. However they are quite conservative in their preferences. Tatiana's Spanish husband couldn't get used to anything she tried to cook from Russian cuisine, even borsch. His argument was that soup can't be red. They don't eat any cereals apart from rice.

   The proof of their love to cooking and eating is the fact that aprons are a popular souvenir here.

   How they build up a family
   Common Spanish people treat their apartments as a place to sleep and don't pay much attention to interior design. On the contrary, family and relationships mean a lot to Spanish people. Young people can stay engaged up to 7-10 years. You can get married only if you have a flat or a house, steady income and you are ready to have children. Spanish men are outstandingly devoted fathers. In Malaga there is a very beautiful Botanic Garden which has become a very popular place for weddings. Young people can wait for their turn for 2 years. They thoroughly get ready for the event, spend lump sums of money and invite a lot of people. After the event, wedding photographs are printed out in a large format, framed and fixed in the central place of the living room.

   How they work
   In a very relaxed way. "If you don’t have time today, you can finish it tomorrow”. There’s no rush.
   Andalusia is an agricultural and tourist area with large ratio of seasonal jobs. You work hard half a year to get by through the second half.
   State jobs are of extremely high value as they provide high stable and lifelong income. No wonder that competition is very tough in this sector. To get a position of a teacher at a state school one needs to pass an extremely difficult examination. Every year something around 5 positions are declared vacant around Andalusia. The number of candidates can reach a point of one thousand. As you can see chances to get such position are tiny.

   Some other trivia

   Andalusian men are not very tall and you can often see couples with a woman taller than a man. Another thing that surprised me was that I didn’t see a smoking man in the streets but often met smoking women even with kids.

   Andalusian hot climate influences lots of things in their lives. They still have siesta. Everything is closed from 13 to 17. The houses are built very close to each other to hide from the sun. All windows are shut with blinders, very often wooden ones.

   Spanish people don't like travelling abroad. Their argument is that nobody speaks Spanish there and they have all they need in their own country.
   I think I know what they mean:)


                                                        written by Tatiana Likintseva
Category: ISSUE #3 | Added by: Guzeliya (15-May-2011) | Author: Tatiana Likintseva
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Total comments: 6
6 Valeria  
I was lucky to attend the meeting about Spain. Thank you, Tatiana Evgenievna=) It's a very interesting and even funny to travel there!!! biggrin

5 Tatiana  
Dear, that is only the top of the iceberg. I made a two hour presentation supporting my all pics. I learnt a real lot!

4 Chuda  
Spanish apartments are quite similar to French ones. I know that most French people don't spend much time at home

3 Marina Shvets  
I really like the fact that being a teacher is so prestigious there. I wish it was the same in Russia.....

2 Sergey  
I learnt lots of new. I'm glad I was not born in Andalusia...I'm 6 feet tall!!!

1 Olesya  
Lekker! Emotional story with gorgeous pics. Mmmm looks like I miss Spain. Bedankt :-*

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