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Trip to Moscow

On the third of January my parents and I went to the capital of our country,   to the city of Moscow. I had never been to Moscow before. I couldn’t even imagine how beautiful and attractive this city was! I was really impressed by its numerous historical buildings and monuments, magnificent churches and cathedrals. I spent two days there. During these days we visited the "main” Christmas tree of our country, the Kremlin Christmas Tree, the Tretyakov Gallery and walked around Red Square.

As far as I know, only 72 Christmas Trees were decorated in Moscow in 2012. During our trip we saw 36 beauties. There are 2 beauties in Red Square and even they are very different. I found out that the Kremlin Christmas Tree was brought from Klin. It’s about 100 years old and more than 30 meters high. While attending the Kremlin Christmas Tree event we watched the show after which we were given gifts. The show, that we saw, was very interesting.

 I’m fond of painting and so I’m interested in everything which is connected with Art. That’s why I enjoyed visiting the national treasury of Russian fine art, the Tretyakov Gallery. I’d heard a lot about it but couldn’t even dream of admiring all the masterpieces and seeing them with my own eyes. When we were on a tour to the Tretyakov Gallery, we saw many interesting pictures there. Our guide told us the history of different pictures and even the biographies of their authors.  Here's an example: I.I Shishkin, famous for his painting "Morning in a Pine Forest", created his masterpiece not alone but in cooperation with another artist. Shishkin painted only the nature, and the other author painted the bears. The second artist's initials were erased when the pictures were sent to the Tretyakov Gallery. Besides, I want to tell you a few words about another painting. It’s "A Rider” by Karl Bryullov. I noticed the refined play of colours so characteristic of this famous artist.

 In Red Square, we saw The Tsar Bell and The Tsar Cannon and also the area opposite the large and beautifully decorated GUM. But the most attractive buildings of the city are the Kremlin and St. Basil's Cathedral. Besides, we spent much time choosing and buying presents and souvenirs for our nearest and dearest.

The trip to Moscow was a great success!


Category: ISSUE #5 | Added by: Guzeliya (25-Feb-2012) | Author: Viktoria Karpova
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Total comments: 3
3 Zulfiya  
It is very nice article, very interesting, thanks author/

2 Liza  
I was in Moscow only in last summer and didn't saw Moskow Christmas tree. But after your article I want to go there in winter. Thanks author. Nice article.

1 Dasha  
I liked this article! I`ve been in Moscow many times and I think that Msc great city! I agreewith writer.

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