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Unforgettable trip

We live in an unusual time, in the time of globalization, in the world without any boundaries. When my parents told me about their childhood I couldn’t believe that they had had no opportunity to travel around the world. Our generation has many possibilities to visit different countries and to have our own opinion about people, traditions and places of interest there.

I was lucky  because last summer I visited the UK! It was my first trip to an  English–speaking country. I could not only see London, the capital of the UK, but also study during my trip, because I was the participant of an educational programme. I should say that I was worried much about the journey, flight and other usual things of travelling. But to my delight everything was organized very well. A polite guide met us at the airport and accompanied us everywhere. We lived in Brighton, the city which is situated on the coast. It took us 50 minutes to come there from Victoria Southern Trains. A warm welcome always waits you in this city. Brighton is famous for the Royal Pavilion, Brighton Pier, Duke of York’s cinema  and Sea Life centre Aquarium. It is fun to be on Brighton Pier and enjoy fish and chips on the seafront. It’s an ideal place for relaxing and rest.

   We lived in a large cottage with a group of teens from different countries. There were no Russian people except me that‘s why I had no opportunity to speak the Russian language at all. It really helped me to practice English because it had seemed to me when I was in Russia that my English left much to be desired. Every morning we had English classes  in a local school. Our lessons were interesting and useful. We liked that  we studied in a real English school, used classrooms, special books, literature and equipment we needed. English teachers differ from Russian ones and of course the ways of teaching are not the same either. I spent  two weeks in England and should say it was the best time in my life! After lessons  I went for a walk around the city and visited famous and interesting sights with my new friends. We also went on excursions to local museums and I learnt much about Brighton.

But the brightest impression was visiting the UK’s capital, London. It’s a really great city and  I can name things which impressed me most of all; the Big Ben, the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament, the British Museum or something else…it is rather difficult. All these symbols of London as well as double-deckers stay in my memory. As for Madam Tussaud’s Museum, I saw figures of many famous sportsmen, actors and singers in this unusual museum of wax figures. The pictures with all those celebrities were great. All my friends envied me.

It’s difficult to describe my feelings in words  after the trip to the UK. On the one hand it was amazing and unforgettable. On the other hand it was useful and educational. I combined both pleasure and rest and it goes without saying that it helped me to improve my English. After two weeks I began not only to speak but also to think in English! It was Progress for me. Now I understand the use of visiting English-speaking countries. Nothing compares with it. Apart from many positive emotions and pictures  now I have many friends from different countries. We communicate using modern technologies such as Skype, e-mail, social nets, Facebook for example. It helps me to practise English and to exchange news, videos, photos and other information.

In future I plan to have a job, which is connected with foreign languages because this sphere is becoming more and more popular nowadays. I absolutely agree with a phrase ”If you don’t know any foreign languages, you don’t know your native language…” I advise all people studying English to visit London, the most wonderful city in the world!


Category: ISSUE #5 | Added by: Guzeliya (25-Feb-2012) | Author: Bogdan Starodubtsev
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4 Svetlana Zhuravlyova  

3 Svetlana Zhuravlyova  
I hope it's only the beginning of your future amazing life. You have a huge experience! Good luck!

2 Biryukova Tatyana  

1 Biryukova Tatyana  
Bogdan , you are a lucky person because you've visited an amazing city!!! This trip will be in your memory for many years!!!! It was really interesting for me to read about your impessions from London!!!!
with best wishes
your English Teacher T.A.

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