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Amazing travelling

My family likes to travel very much!  We visited many European countries, and we enjoyed ourselves.

 Our last trip was to Spain. When we arrived at a small town, called Lloret de Mar, which is situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, we were surprised at its prevailing atmosphere of fun. The town’s streets were always full of young European people. There we could meet tourists from different parts of Europe. In this town people аre having fun every day and every night! In the afternoon people usually swim in the fantastic sea, but at night they rush into the beckoning lights of night clubs!     

As for the beach and the sea of the city I’d like to write about them separately. Extraordinary beauty of the clean and warm sea, from which you do not want to go away, fabulous sandy beaches and warm Spanish sun. All this created a very bright holiday and I wanted to stay there forever. Again and again I wanted to walk through the narrow streets full of shops and sit in a small comfortable café and eat delicious paella with seafood. 

One day we went to Barcelona. This city is the capital of Catalonia. Barcelona struck us with its beauty and grandeur. But Sagrada Familia, the Olympic Stadium and the port, where there is a huge monument of Christopher Columbus, made a special impression on us. Straight from there the main street, called La Rambla, which is very noisy and funny, begins. Numerous artists and musicians, souvenir shops and endless cafes … . 

There is a great desire to join this celebration of life forever and enjoy all this. Unfortunately, we stayed in Barcelona only for one day. We were pressed for time and couldn’t even go to see the match with one of the strongest teams in the world- Barcelona. But there were many other activities that made a great impression on me! For example, a Singing Fountain. I can’t find the words to describe how beautiful this show was! A great coloured fountain and music, thundering over this fountain. 

 It seemed this fairytale would never come to an end!!! But after ten days of relaxation, we had to go home. Now, every cold winter evening I often think about the warm Spanish sun and sea. I want to repeat this trip!
Category: ISSUE #5 | Added by: Guzeliya (25-Feb-2012) | Author: Alina Raskatova
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1 Tatiana  
Yes, Spain is a wonderful country! I was Andalucia and brought lots of unforgettable memories. I even organized an hour and a half club session at school to share my impressions=)

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