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Music plays a really important role in my life. It’s my teacher and my best friend. ...

ISSUE #5 | Views: 704 | Author: Marina Korobko | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 17-Feb-2012 | Comments (2)

I would like to tell you about my favourite film.Its name's "Dead Daughters".I watched it with my sister.I like horror films.

ISSUE #5 | Views: 476 | Author: Nastya Slepova | Added by: Chuda | Date: 14-Feb-2012 | Comments (2)

On the 17th of November in 2009 there was a great event in Ulyanovsk. A long-awaited bridge was at last placed in service. It was called " Prezidentsky”.

ISSUE #5 | Views: 688 | Author: Mariya Bulatova | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 14-Feb-2012 | Comments (0)

   Holidays are a part of the culture of any country. In order to better understand other people it is not just enough to know the language of the country, it is very important to know its history and culture.

ISSUE #5 | Views: 767 | Author: Anastasiya Busleeva | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 14-Feb-2012 | Comments (0)

   Tastes differ. Different people like different things, different people have different hobbies. 
    As for me, I go in for sports, in for biathlon. ...

ISSUE #5 | Views: 483 | Author: Alexander Chernov | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 12-Feb-2012 | Comments (0)

Of course you know what the word «peers» means. These are people of the same age. You have few friends from 3 to 10, but you have millions of peers all over the world.

ISSUE #5 | Views: 532 | Author: Catherine Ivanova | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 12-Feb-2012 | Comments (0)

We are beginners but we want to tell you about our hobbies that are worth doing.

ISSUE #5 | Views: 533 | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 11-Feb-2012 | Comments (0)

There are a lot of interesting films in the world....

ISSUE #5 | Views: 7776 | Author: Marina Azyzova | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 10-Feb-2012 | Comments (2)

   Hi. My name is Galya. I live in Russia. I am a pupil. I go to school six days a week. I learn two foreign languages: English and French.
   I don’t have much free time, as I am always very busy at school, but when I’m free I like to spend my free time with my friends. I have got many friends. We like to walk together and laugh a lot.

ISSUE #5 | Views: 505 | Author: Galina Kashichkina | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 08-Feb-2012 | Comments (0)

It is very funny and interesting! I can do it all day long with my friends. It is not difficult! Do you know what I’m telling you about? Can you play the game "Make Up a Story”? No? Shame on you!...

ISSUE #5 | Views: 534 | Author: Ann Klyushenkova | Added by: Guzeliya | Date: 03-Feb-2012 | Comments (1)

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