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«The king of all offended»

A musical group «Placebo» from the UK is the idol of alternative rock. The soloist of this group is Brian Molko.

It was he who created «Placebo» in 1994. Molko has got a feminine appearance and that is why in his childhood people often took him for a girl. Then (after creating the group) he became «the king of all offended and miserable» and the lipstick and eye shadow were necessary components of Brian Molko’s style (however it’s the same as now). «Placebo» acted on a big scene for the first time in January 1994. The group got many fans then. At that time Brian had a hairstyle «Bob» and all his fans ran to hairdressers with his photo.

In October 2000 the group released its third album «Black Market Music». The musicians made this album as though it was the specific end to all made earlier. After that nothing was heard about «Placebo» for three years. In 2005, when the fans saw Brian they were shocked by his shaved off head.

Altogether group has got 6 albums, but 40-year-old Brian and his group already released EP (a musical recording that contains more music than a single, but it is too short to be a full studio album) d«B3». As all other fans of «Placebo» I believe that they are almost perfect, their lyrics, their melodies are great. Molko is gorgeous, but what is more important, he is an outstanding musician. It is interesting that since the release of the first album Brian’s hairstyle has suffered many changes, but the fact that Brian was remembered by everyone with his Bob hairstyle, remains the fact.

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