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Mendelson Vladimir Grigorievich
Big deeds by big Names can be a cause of big changes. What does it mean "Big deeds”? It is a situation which is observed in media, touches a lot of people.The notion "Big names” is a person  or people who do something and become famous. "Big changes” is the  result of some kind of activity. Changes can be in politics, nature and other spheres of life.

You can talk about public things, but sometimes your own activities and things which happen to you are more important. Some changes in your heart and mind could be the reasons of big changes in the world.

The big role in my life and not only in mine played one person, he changed it, he tried to teach us only good things, he was always in a good mood and found time to speak to all of us. He was our PE teacher at the school. His name was Mendelson Vladimir Grigorievich (VG). He was a brilliant person with a big heart.

He was not tall and not slim. He often said that a really good man was supposed to have much more honorable qualities than other people.  He must have died many years ago when he was younger but he found will and power to live for about thirty years after. VG had a magical ability to unite people around. The best presents for him were our smiles and pies =).  When you were in trouble or you just thought that you were in a terrible situation, VG gave a hand, sometimes if necessary VG really tried to help. He gave advice, did something, he could call somebody to solve your problem or even he could give you some money. He set up a basketball team and a summer camp for pupils. School sport teams often won prizes. Some sponsors came to him and helped our school, camp, competitions.  

Young men were not wasting time, they were doing sport. Some boys and girls met at first time together in teacher's cabinet and became happy families.  VG was a big generator of  good life. It is a great pity to lose these kind of people.

Mendelson lived alone maybe because his pupils were his own big family. "Big names” often conquer countries or the whole world, VG "conquered” our hearts forever.

VG was buried on central avenue of the city cemetery. School was given his name.

Category: ISSUE #7 | Added by: Chuda (09-Dec-2012) | Author: Kate Schipanova
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1 Tatiana Likintseva  
Hi, Kate! Thank you for your story! It's very interesting to know about people from our community.

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