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Dear friends,

What makes history? Politics with its endless devastating wars? Science with its rare really worthwhile discoveries and inventions? The arts that  portray the contemporaries for future generations? Or maybe economics with its sudden unexpected crises and defaults?

I suppose it’s better to rephrase the question - Who makes history and shapes the world?
Greedy politicians pursuing their enormous ambitions and seeking power by all means and thus causing armed ethnic conflicts, riots and "yellow revolutions” all over the world? Or "romantic” ones who still believe  in utopian ideas of Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood on Earth?

Who will make a greater impact on mankind - scientists who develop drugs and bombs or their peers spending long hours in the laboratories trying to find a cure for cancer?

Who makes a difference? Mainstream painters, movie makers, composers and photographers who are so-to-say "looking for new ways” of expressions and impressions or those who just create Art no matter how much money they would get for that.

Can we, ordinary people, change the world to be better. How?

Frankly, I have no answers. I hope this HighLight issue will shed some light on what and who people value, appreciate and admire.

So, here we go. The topic of  December issue "Big deeds. Big Names. Big changes.”

Marina Shvets
on behalf of Light team
Category: ISSUE #7 | Added by: Chuda (13-Feb-2013)
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