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Bulgaria is a sunny country
So, when you’re going somewhere,  firstly it’s better to get to know about this place and, of course, about people, living there. On the one hand Bulgarian people have a lot in common with Russians, on the other - with Europeans due to the country location.

  Bulgarians are very helpful, so if you ask them to show the way, they can accompany you, especially if they see that you’ve got some problems with the language. They’re very diligent, careful and economical. Maybe it’s due to the high level of  unemployment in the country.  At the same time Bulgarian specialists are of great value all over the world, because they always try to do their best. 

   On the other hand,  Bulgarians can be too pedantic. So, there are some "unwritten laws”.  For example, you are not supposed to leave your car at some parking areas, even though they’re  empty at that moment, only because they’re only for taxis. But if you ask somebody: "Why aren’t there any signs???”, they’ll reply: "But everyone knows it!!!”. 

   Bulgarian people are not mean but they like haggling; they say, you can even haggle in some supermarkets (as in Turkish markets).  But NEVER say to them, that they look like Turkish!!! You'll be their enemy for life. They might be a bit touch and even resentful sometimes.

   Now -  my main advice to you is be very polite and outgoing.  And if you say "blagodarya” instead of "Thank you”, a Bulgarian will become your best friend forever.


Category: ISSUE #3 | Added by: Guzeliya (11-May-2011) | Author: Alexandra Rdukova
Views: 3431 | Comments: 6 | Tags: Character, traditions, bulgaria, Bulgarians | Rating: 4.7/6
Total comments: 5
5 çınar  
bunun türkçesi yok mu ne yazıldığını okuyamıyorum da.

4 Valeria  
Oh, it's just in time! Our family friends are going there soon!=) I'll be waiting for something rose happy

3 Alexandra  
My aunt always brings me bottle of rose oil...

2 Guzeliya  
Not long ago my mum also got the same bottle of rose oil from Bulgaria - so the tradition's still alive!

1 gretagolden73  
When I was a kid, a must-have souvenir from Bulgaria was a tiny bottle of rose oil in a wooden mini-vase:) That's why thanks to those childhood memories when someone mentions Bulgaria, I feel the smell of roses!

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