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We're on Social nets now
Light School has been very active on the Internet recently. So far the main focus point has been on Teacher websites where we have been busy creating a wrap-around-a course learning environment. Students can not only check their hometask, but also find extra resources, choose a book to read and do their writing tasks. It is also easy to ask your teacher a question here or just chat to each other.

 Our recent survey showed tat 78% of our students find the sites useful. However, they don't view them as a means of socialising. They just pop in to pick up the task or download new audiovocabulary of the month.

 Well, we asked them "Why?" The answer sounded very reasonable. To this end they use Vkontakte or Facebook. So do we, actually!

 We gave it some thought, talked to friends and decided to give it a try. We set up a fan page on Vkontakte. Our presence on Face book is limited to a group of film lovers LIGHT!CAMERA!ACTION! but we are planning to grow to a page.

What is it all for?

  • We need a centralised space to review current events at school and make announcements
  • We have an extensive collection of selected and tested material to practise the language and we are ready to share it with you.
  • We enjoy the company of bright and interesting people and would like discuss topics of common interest beyond the scope of language learning.

And we definitely need to know your opinion and recommendations on that! Please, leve your comment here or visit our forum page

Category: ISSUE #2 | Added by: gretagolden73 (28-Feb-2011) | Author: Tatiana Likintseva
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