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St.Valentine's facts
   St. Valentine’s Day has become a very popular holiday. Although lots of people don’t know the origin of this day, but everybody knows that it’s a special day for those who are in love.
  There are many ways of celebrating this holiday. For example, you can go to a café as lovers or stay at home and have romantic dinner. But what are the weird or funny ways?

   Everyone knows that St. Valentine’s Day is the day for couples. So if you don’t have your love, it’s not your day. False! In 2008 eight million Americans sent themselves Valentine’s Day gifts. Why? The answer is simple. They didn’t want to feel lonely.

    In Las Vegas a 51-year-old man decided to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day in his way. He gave 7,777 hugs in 24 hours for a new world record. But he said that he only wanted to make people happy. "When you hug somebody, they all walk away from each other smiling."

   There are also some extraordinary presents.  A man from Minnesota made a present for his wife. He drew a really big heart (a half mile wide) in the snow in their farm field. I think it’s so romantic.

   These are only some interesting things about this day. Think about something unusual, everybody loves surprises.

Category: ISSUE #2 | Added by: Guzeliya (25-Feb-2011) | Author: Nastya Shelyakina
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