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College life (the USA)
  Hi I’m Monet a sophomore Music Therapy major at Shenandoah University. Shenandoah is located in Winchester, VA. Our campus consists of a very small population. I personally like the population because it helps you get involved.    
   Currently, I am an active member of the Black Student Union, a Resident Assistant in an upperclassman dorm, a Big for the Big Brother Big Sister Program for the Winchester chapter, and a Conservatory Admissions assistant. 

   I live on campus in an upperclassman dorm and enjoy all of the different things that I learn from each person that either lives down the hall or around the corner. Learning about the different lifestyles of other people is what makes the experience even more exciting. 

   One of the biggest events is homecoming. Homecoming is an annual tradition where people, towns, colleges and even high schools come together, usually in late September and early October, welcome back former residence and alumni. It is built around a central event, such as a banquet and, most often a game of of American football. When celebrated by schools, the activities vary widely. However, they usually consist of a football game played on a school’s home football field, activities for students and alumni, a parade featuring the school’s marching band and sports teams, and the coronation of a Homecoming King and Queen.

The Conservatory

   What in the world is a conservatory? Well, I’m glad you asked. The conservatory is a college of the arts where you study different fields like music, theater and dance. The conservatory at Shenandoah University is known for an unusually low student-to-faculty ratio (12:1), for the cooperative and cross-related programs in music, theatre and dance, and for providing all students - performers and creators alike - with top-tier facilities from theaters, concert halls and dance studios.

   The Shenandoah Conservatory provides a nurturing environment for the cultivation of performing artists since 1875. Students at Shenandoah Conservatory are young professionals who will graduate with the transferable skills necessary to become arts leaders in the new creative economy.

Dorm Life
   Memories and friendships that will last a lifetime are part of our Campus Living tradition. The residential experience that enriches learning and growth beyond the classroom are instilled in each student. Each dorm room comes with a twin size bed, dresser, desk, chair, and wardrobe per person if living in a double. The best way to become involved and get the most out of your experience is to make friends. Because you will be living with your roommate for quite some time, it might be important to make them a friend as well. Make your room feel like home as much as possible to avoid home sickness.

Social Life
   Social life too, changes in college, and this change is dramatic. The social pressures on young adults in college are enormous. Academics may form the basis of your future career but being a good student is not everything if you don't have any other life. For a more satisfying campus stint' you should aim to balance academic responsibilities together with an active social life. My social life includes hanging with my friends in either there room or mine, going to local parties, and making small road trips. I am grateful for friends to help make me well rounded on campus.
IMLearning Program
   The IMLearning Program is an eco-friendly technology program that goes hand in hand with our schools commitment to enhance student learning and engagement, while simultaneously delivering on the institutions commitment to campus sustainability. The iMLearning Program is the way we will learn and remain connected at Shenandoah University. All incoming full-time freshmen and full-time graduate students in selected programs will be provided with a university-owned and configured MacBook Pro and their choice of either an iPod touch , iPad 3G or an IPhone.

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