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What Men Really Want in a Woman

  Men are simple. We need support and understanding. We work hard to earn for a living and support our family. As long as we have made our choice, we don't want to leave a woman because we love her. Everything we do is for the family and we want you to be pround of us. Seing admiration in your eyes we are ready to move mountains for you.

  And yet we do like women as such and will always peer at pretty girls. There's nothing you can do about it. It is an instinct. By forcing us not to watch at any other woman, you risk to lose our attention. However it does not mean that we don't like you. We do. We love everything about you. Your appearance, your voice, your character including all sweet traits.  We don't bother how thin your waist is and may fail to notice your new dress, really. We see you, the woman we love, and nothing else.


  We are simple. When you want something from us, just say it. Keeping silence means that you don't want to talk or you have nothing to say, nothing else. Morever constant discontent and nagging make you unattractive.

  And all those attempts to control every step we do (under pretext that you know better what and how to do) - yes, sir! But I don't want to date with my boss.

   You are trying to make your career, get to a top position, be a leader. That's good. We like an image of a business lady and respect your abilities and achievements.         

  However you forget your femininity and adopt male manners. And it scares us away when you play our men games.  Be a woman, delicate, loving, tender, womanly weak. Allow us to be strong, to be a winner and to protect you. And you will definitely have the most faithful and the strongest man beside you.

Category: ISSUE #1 | Added by: Guzeliya (16-Nov-2010) | Author: K.O.
Views: 949 | Tags: man and woman, relationships, what men want from women | Rating: 5.0/1
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