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Life is Game or Life Levels


 Life is game. Let’s play a little. So you press START.  Congratulations!  Here you are! You’re alive and you’re at the beginner’s level. It’s a quest game. You investigate different objects and try to find out their using.Your age is from  0 to 6 and your main activities are going to the nursery school and making your parents happy by saying some funny words and strange phrases. You acquire speaking skill and if you’re a good beginner player you can even read some simple texts and short stories. You listen and repeat, compare and match.
  You are 7 now and it’s elementary level. You play adventure game. You start going to primary school. You have new friends and sometimes enemies. You learn how to write, complete the sentences, fill in the gaps and act out the dialogues. You’re good at listening, not bad at writing easy texts and letters to your friends abroad.
  Secondary school - pre-intermediate level. Your main task except improving your skills is to get ready for the most important exam in your life. Guess what? Yeah, it’s "
ЕГЭ”. It’s a fight or shooter game. Your main weapon is your brain. If you use it effectively you’ll pass it but if not... Any ideas about your parents' reaction? :) 

  But I hope you’ll succeed and move to intermediate level - university. For some people it’s a simulator, for others - an arcade. It depends on your future speciality and people around. Your skills and experience help you to survive and you may become one of the best students. You spend 5 or 6 years on debating, discussing, creating something extraordinary. You are full of plans and ideas about your future. It’s a preparation for an adult life at upper-intermediate level. It’s a level of strategy. If you are lucky, you get a job offer just after graduation. But some people stay at the "inter level” position trying to keep their skills and knowledge. At work you  meet new colleagues and  friends, share your ideas. Your aim is to become a well-qualified employee or employer. Moreover we have private life and we have a lot to do there.
  The difference between upper-intermediate and advanced levels is not so obvious. It’s really difficult to say when you will become an advanced player. May be never. And it’s really good!
  Live and learn because game is not over. :)

Category: ISSUE #1 | Added by: Guzeliya (20-Nov-2010) | Author: Vasilina Mernaya
Views: 879 | Comments: 1 | Tags: ideas, game, Friends, Future, skills, Level, Life | Rating: 4.0/4
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1 Olga Arefjeva   [Entry]
Good and interesting article! I absolutely agree!

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