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If I Had Not Chosen this Career I Would Have Chosen...

  Almost everybody makes a choice of a career at least once in a lifetime. We think about pros and cons of some job, think about our dreams, sometimes realise them, sometimes not... A lot of things should be weighted before coming to a decision. And even after starting working we sometimes continue to think: was it a right choice? Would it have been better if I had chosen anything else?

  Of course such thoughts come to my mind from time to time too. If I hadn’t chosen the career of a teacher what would I have chosen?

  Firstly I’ll write about  my dream. I’ve been always dreaming of becoming a stewardess. It’s so romantic to fly, to visit different countries, not to stay in one place for  long, to meet different people, to feel free, to feel like a bird... A lot of advantages. But what about disadvantages? There are also a lot. You will have problems  with your health because of changes of time zones, an unregulated workday. You won’t be able to pay necessary attention to your family.  And it’s simply dangerous. Do I want to have these problems? No, thank you. They aren’t romantic at all.

  Perhaps it’s better to become an accountant? It’s an asked-for job, usually well-paid, it can give me stability and confidence in future. But the problem is that I’m not very good at maths. And also I feel bored when I have to count, count, count...I think it can drive me 

mad if there are only figures around me. No, no, I should choose something else.

  Here I have one more dream to become a doctor, a pediatrician. Now I understand that it’s very important to be aware of diseases and our health. Especially about children’s health... I have a child and I’m worried that there are things I might not know. I try to read more. I try to understand. I could have been a good children’s doctor... But now it’s too late. To be a doctor you are to study for a long time, to practice a lot, you should devote your life to this job. But I've already chosen my career...

  Yes, I’m very happy that I’ve devoted my life to teaching! I’m sure that some years ago when I made up my mind about my future profession I wasn’t mistaken! I don’t want to change anything. I just feel that my place is in the classroom with my students. But not in the sky, not in an office, not in a doctor’s consulting room. Let all these places be just my dreams!


Category: ISSUE #1 | Added by: Guzeliya (21-Nov-2010) | Author: Elena Shemshurina
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1 Katya   [Entry]
I absolutely agree about becoming a doctor - I'm almost obsessed with this idea:)

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