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Cell phones: friends or enemies

 In recent years cell phones became parts and parcels for every person who tries to keep himself up to date. Not only businessmen, but common people like, for instance, housewives and even kids can't imagine their lives without mobile phones.

  Surely, it's so usual and handy thing for us to use! Even in a horrible dream we can hardly imagine our lives without our reliable hand-held "friends". No, really, there are lots of useful contacts we can connect any time, and besides, it's always with you, it doesn't ask stupid questions and never complains (unless it's discharged).

  Though, since cell phones appeared, the disputes about their bad influence on human organisms and especially on people's brain haven't faded. The opinions of this topic differ.         

  Representatives of mobile phones companies affirm that there's no any harm at all, and if it is, it's not worse than radiation from any household electrical device.

  A new research held by Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) shows that the radiation from cell phones influences on living tissues. The results were published in the research e-zine BMC Genomics. The aim of the project was not to detect some probable influence on health, but find people's skin radiation response. So, coming to the conclusion, we can say that cell phones radiation has biological effects. Even if they're not that hard, they ARE.

  Self-taught experimenters claim, that putting an egg between two mobile phones and ringing up from one phone to another, holding on the call, youcan have this egg boiled or baked. They say the same happens with our brain…

  As for me, I can't be sure about this doubtful fact. And how much time will it take to "bake" my brain?

  Living in the world with bad ecology (polluted air, smog, greenhouse effect and poisoned seas and rivers), inquisitive minds can hardly scare us using such devises as cell phones. I DO take care of my health! But I'm not sure my mobile phone is the root of all evil for me. There are many harmful things you can worry about. And I can call it my "friend" but not my "enemy". 

  Eventually, I am for scientific and technological advance!!! It's up to you now to decide whether you use cell phones or not.

Category: ISSUE #1 | Added by: Guzeliya (22-Nov-2010) | Author: Valeriya Kolomiytseva
Views: 1278 | Comments: 4 | Tags: experiments, cell phones, raduation, Technology, brains | Rating: 5.0/1
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