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American wedding tradition


   Getting married is probably one of the biggest decisions one could make in their adult life.  It not only signifies a change in status on paper, but also in life style.  
   Most young couples like to hold a party to celebrate the last day of their bachelor and bachelorette status; better known as stag and hen parties; this is the time when the groom and his friends have a blast while the women not to be left behind plan their own eve. Women for years wondered what happens at a bachelor party.  
   Since bachelorette parties are becoming more and more common now the men are the ones left wondering the same question.  What really goes on at bachelorette party?  The answer to that for some may best be left to their imagination.  

  The traditional bachlorette party is typically summed up by six key elements.

  Number one being half naked men dancing on stage or even on your lap, 2.) Free flowing vodka, 3.) Custom made T- shirts identifying not only the bride to be, but her fellow accomplices for the evening, 4.) Props/Accessories; I'll get back to that a little later, 5.) Creative yet inappropriate bachelorette games, 6.) Last but not least, a group of your closest girlfriends.  Put all of that together and you'll find yourself with not only one of the biggest hangovers of your  life but also a night full of laughter, embarrassing and somewhat memorable moments, and a roll of film that your girlfriends will be in charge of developing.

  So, you are probably still a little unsure of how an evening like this actually unfolds, allow me to elaborate. 

  Behind every bride is not only a groom, but a maid of honor or if married a matron of honor.  Which by definition is someone, typically the brides closest friend or relative that assists the bride in organizing the wedding and is in charge of planning the bachelorette party.  Next, invitations are to be sent out to the brides closest friends.  Traditionally the bride should not have any idea as to when, and where the festivities will take place.  Next you'll need to choose a venue, usually more than one.  Now keep in mind that part of the evolution of the "bachelorette party" is going from the more demure bridal shower into a spicier counterpart of the guys wild night out. With that said, the night should begin with what is often recognized as the signature bachelorette attire which consists of dressing up the bride in a veil and adorning her in as much phallus paraphernalia as one can get their hands on. 

  Yes, it is time to explain the props/accessories.  In order to achieve the all American bachelorette party you must utilize these vulgar and to some offensive props to the best of your ability.  These accessories vary anywhere from phallus necklaces, lollipop's, confetti, drinking straws, veils, tiara's, the list goes on and on.  You'd be amazed to see what they make men bits molds out of these days.  Another fun feature to these parties are scavenger hunts and task lists.  The scavenger hunt is a list of tasks to be completed by the bride to be during her party.  Completion of this list usually requires approaching strange men, interacting with strippers, and almost always some form of ritualized embarrassment.  Dinner, dancing, strip clubs and bar hopping is also typical as far as establishing a location for these festivities to take place.  

  Some may say that an evening such as this is not needed to jump start what is suppose to be the beginning of your new life.  I disagree, then again I'm single and have never been married.  Although in my experience as an attendee of several of these anything goes bachelorette parties is that it's a way of symbolically articulating a brides last night of freedom.  Even if the bride has no regrets of monogamy or commitment it's harmless to pretend or go along with the idea that she would miss flirting with or having sexual relationships with other men.  Perhaps because by doing so it expresses equal status with men.  

In my opinion, women's participation in these activities is a way of resisting sexual repression or the idea that woman should not express their sexuality in public.  There's more to these bachelorette parties than meets the eye. It's about a night of coming together as friends and recognizing the importance of their peers.  Women's relationships are of crucial importance, and woman want those close to them to support them during this major status transition.

  After reading this, you may conclude that this American tradition is a bit crass or even incredibly unnecessary, and for some perhaps it is, but for others it's a night they feel is crucial to their path of new beginnings.  Who are we to judge?  We're all just trying to find our own in this world, and sometimes just figuring things out as we go along, why not have a little fun on the way?


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