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Aim achievement

  I'm interested in aim achievement. You can say:"Why? It's very dull! There are too many things we can be really interested in: art, politics, science." And you are right. Of course, you can be a true connoisseur of art and judge of painting of renaissance period in Italy, or a sparkle political scientist-theorist. But for me a process is essential. Aim achievement - is like a process which I can manage on my own. I can choose an aim, things I should do or don't have to do, and also I can control this process and change something when it's necessary.  And for me it's very important. I like to analyse, I like to make plans.  When I have good results  - I feel happy. Of course, I have real aims, nothing like a flight to the moon or dinner with the president (yet who knows:) ). And hardly ever I've had a failure. So, let me give some advice. 

  The first thing to note - don't be afraid of dreams. I really believe that dreams come true. If you want something very much you'll certainly get it if you choose the right way and the best strategy. 

  Another important thing is - confidence. You should be confident, but objective. Being a proud impudent creature is not good for you. For example if you want to have something in public relation field you can insult and push away people who can help you. But as a side note I go against backscratching friendship. If you don't feel  confident just try to believe that you can do it and get everything and when you achieve the aim you'll feel more confident than in the beginning of the way. 

  And the last thing is ability to wait. We hardly ever can get results in the short term. For instance, it's impossible to get profit from your business tomorrow if you began it today. I think this point is the most difficult. As for me I always want something immediately despite my understanding that it can be true. Waiting for something is always very demanding but in the end you can feel a great pleasure and satisfaction.  

  What can I say about my present aims? I wanted to graduate from the university only with a diploma with distinction. And I can surely say that I’ve done it. I'm really proud and shall be proud of it. 

  I like to be perfect in things I deal with. And of course I want to be perfect in my English. At the moment I have strong willingness but I need time. And I hope it doesn't take long before I can practice my knowledge in real business.

Category: ISSUE #1 | Added by: Guzeliya (20-Nov-2010) | Author: Margarita Mishina
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