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"Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer
    One of my favourite books - famous "Twilight”. It’s a novel (saga). The author is Stephenie  Meyer. She wrote four books about a boundless love between a vampire and a human girl. The vampire’s name is Edward, the girl’s name is Bella. He mustn’t love her. Because of his nature, because of vampire’s laws. He should run away from her for her safety.
    She has to be afraid of him. But they fall in love and are ready to fight to be together.
    In all four books a reader doesn’t know if Bella stays human with a human boy (Jacob) or becomes a vampire  forever.
    Jacob loves her. Perhaps he is the best match for Bella. She doesn’t have to change all her life for him. But she wants him to be a friend. Inspite of this fact he doesn’t step back.
    They have to overcome a lot of obstacles to find happiness.

Category: Love stories | Added by: Chuda (03-Mar-2013) | Author: Irina Kazakova
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