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Dangerous game by L.Alexander
Dangerous Game is the title of the book that I want to give a review. The book is written by English writer Louis Alexander.

The book tells the story about the writer William Harris. His wife is dead and he lives a lonely life in his big house. In the course of the story William Harris plays a game with a ghost before he goes to sleep. The ghost is a poltergeist that William calls «Poldy». At the beginning William
and Poldy play a friendly game every night, but then the game begins to go wrong. It becomes a dangerous game.

The all story takes place in William`s bedroom at night.

The main characters are William and ghost. At the beginning Harris is a very serious and intelligent man. Ghost is very friendly.

But book has an unexpected ending. Ghost becomes very dangerous. The end of the book shows the truth. William Harris killed his wife and the ghost is she. He killed his wife because he was very jealous of her.

I’m impressed by the ending of this story. What surprised me is that the ghost (his wife) killed William and revenged for herself.

I think it is very important to understand the main idea of this book: jealousy is a dangerous game in our life. Jealousy can destroy the happiness. What I liked is unusual and exciting plot of the story. The book is beautifully written. According to the authors idea the story is written by
William Harris. He wrote down everything that happened with him every night. The story ends in his last evening before ghost kills him.

I recommend this book for everyone who likes terrible story.
Category: Horror stories | Added by: gretagolden73 (26-Feb-2013) | Author: Irina Kalnikova
Views: 5653 | Comments: 2 | Tags: Dangerous game, graded readers, book review | Rating: 1.0/1
Total comments: 2
2 Per Hansen  
fuck this shit

1 Alma Luján  
he leido este libro con tres grupos diferentes, soy maestra de ingles y verdaderamente les ha encantado. es sencillo, facil de leer pero te mantiene en suspenso, cosa que los adolescentes adoran!!!

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