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"Svyatoslav" by Semen Sklyarenko
     The novel starts from the description of the Slavs’ life. At first we get impression of a princely family, their way of life and about life of Slavic tribes.
    Most of events happened in Kievan Russia and Byzantine Empire.
    In the Xth century princess Olga ruled over Russia because her son Svyatoslav was very young. That period she visited Byzantine and adopted Christianity. .

The author told us about love between Svyatoslav and a young girl Malusha. They couldn’t get married but Malusha gave birth to Svyatoslav’s son Vladimir and she had to live alone in a village quite far from Kiev. Her son was brought up by her brother Tur. Malusha’s father took part in Svyatoslav’s campaigns against Byzantine Empire.   

The book contains a description of the relationship between Russian princess and Byzantine Emperors. The author didn’t forget about an intrigue about the Byzantine throne. He wrote about the confrontation between Kievan Russia and Byzantine Empire over the control of Bulgaria.

The author uses chronicle and folklore. He describes Kiev State in the Xth century and Svyatoslav’s campaign. The book isn’t a scientific work. The book gives an idea of our history but there are no any references on historical materials so there are a lot of different descriptions of events and different opinions of them. Some information in the book is unreliable, some of it is created by the author.

This book is easy to read. It gives some information of our history and some food for thought.
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