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“Cold Mountain” by Charles Frazier
"Cold Mountain” is a historical novel by Cares Frazier. It tells us about two people - Inman and Ada, about their lives, survival during the American Civil War.

Inman is a soldier of the Confederate army. After he has been wounded and sent to the Hospital Inman deserts  from the army and walks toward Cold Mountain to Ada for few months. Before the War started, Inman and Ada had known each other for a short time, but they fell in love at  the first sight. Lovers haven’t seen each other for years since Inman joined the Army.  Inman is tired of  fighting, he becomes more violent, he feels his spirit has become too weak, almost died. For this reason Inman is worried whether Ada will  him and how things will go between them. Inman takes a dangerous journey back  home.Home Guard followed him all the time.Once they catch Inman and shoot him. But Inman meets  lots of good people who help him.

Meantime Ada’s father dies and she stays alone at the farm. She doesn’t have any idea how to manage the farm, but soon Ada makes friends with Ruby,  a daughter of musician Stobrod, who helps Ada all the time.

Once Ruby’s father comes  to the farm. He and other deserters hide in the mountains. Soon girls know that Stobrod was shot by Home Guard. They go to the deserter’s camp and find their heavily wounded father. They hide in a cabin in the forest while Sobrod’s healing. Inman meets Ada there and they live in the cabin together. But on their way  home one man from Home Guard shoots Inman and he dies.

This book is exciting. The novel shows us the terror of war, that kills a human’s spirit, generates cruelty, violence, and shows the power of human love.
Category: Drama | Added by: gretagolden73 (28-Feb-2013) | Author: Helen Yun
Views: 1045 | Comments: 4 | Tags: graded readers, Cold Mountain, book review | Rating: 5.0/1
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