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Benetton by Jonathan Mantle
Jonathan Mantle, the author of book "Benetton”, is a British writer. He was born in 1954 and used to work as a reviewer for Daily Mail and Telegraph Sunday Magazine. He has written many books about business companies. "Benetton” is one of them. It was published in 2003.

"Benetton” is a biographical book about famous Benetton family. The story begins with late 1940s, postwar period, people have no money at all. Poor Benetton family lives in Treviso, Italy. There are 4 children in this united family. The oldest son, Luciano, at the age of 14 has to leave school and find a full-time job. His sister, Giuliana, who is eleven years old only, likes knitting very much and makes clothes for the family. One day, Luciano suggests Giuliana making knitted sweaters for a sale. They buy knitting machine and start selling sweaters, which become very popular, organize shops and… start their own world-wide business!

It is the book about real people, real facts and it shows that if you want to become rich, you need to be hardworking and talented person. I liked this book and recommend it to everyone who is interested is business and economics.  

by Gregory Makogonyuk

Category: Biographies | Added by: gretagolden73 (26-Feb-2013) | Author: Gregory Makogonyuk
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