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"Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world.

Unreasonable people attempt to adapt the world to themselves.

All progress, therefore, depends on unreasonable people.”

George Bernard Shaw

Are you lazy? How do you know? Maybe you are reluctant to do morning exercises, or you are not eager to work overtime, or it is hard for you to do better in everything all the time. If yes, get relaxed, you are not lazy, you are sane. And if you ARE lazy, no matter how strange it may sound, you are most likely to become a person who can change the world for the better.

Our world is constantly changing, moving towards future, making most of us accept the changes, forcing us to adapt ourselves to new environments. Without doubt, it is all about progress – the world is developing itself and we follow its development. Surely, every person makes their own progress. But there are certain individuals who determine the direction, who feel free enough to make discoveries and introduce them to the world.

What makes people change life? What is the engine of progress – necessity, ambition or laziness? Can progress be driven by wish for speed or simply by accident?

Firstly, there are such fundamental discoveries as electricity, mobile phone, computer, light bulb, television, steam engine and many others that became the most significant inventions that changed the world. Were they made because of necessity to solve vitally important problems? Could people do without them? Maybe yes, but most likely no.

Secondly, a lot of weird and funny things have always been invented. These are not really needed or extremely useful but it is fun to have some. Would you like to have a teapot frame or a transparent keyboard case of this type?

There are some inventions that were lost or surpressed, like perpetual motion,  anti-gravitiy device, flexible glass and some more. They were aimed at bringing the world to a higher level which was more often than not too high to reach at that time. Great discoveries made untimely cannot always be accepted by the society. Have a look. Do you know anything about them?

Another group is formed by accidental inventions made either by mistake or coincidence.Do you think it is possible to discover something by chance or that there is the genius behind all accidental inventions? If you have got interested in the matter, you can follow this link http://science.discovery.com/brink/top-ten/accidental-inventions/inventions.html.  

Sometimes they say, "chance favors the prepared mind." Do you agree? I do. We should be ready to benefit by those mistakes, coincidences and setbacks.

Learn to make profit of various things that happen to you, develop flexibility, open mindedness, readiness to share and accept changes, and maybe one day it will be you who will be considered the Person to Have Changed the World for the Better.

Good luck!

Category: It's an amazing world | Added by: Guzeliya (25-May-2012) | Author: Larisa Arkhangelskaya
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