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Main » Articles » ISSUE #6 » It's an amazing world

Amazing houses
In a person’s vocabulary there are dozens of words to show their attitude. Let’s see how we can positively describe a house. It can be nice, beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous, amazing, ...I think, you’ll agree that ‘amazing’ is the strongest because it involves several others. It’s unusual, beautiful plus it has something that appeals personally to you. Obviously, all these characteristics are very subjective. They say: ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’

Look at this house.

It is undoubtedly unusual, but it doesn’t look very beautiful to me. And the idea of living in such a house definitely wouldn’t appeal to me as I am not the kind of person who likes showing off.

Now, that I answered the question: ’What does ‘amazing’ mean to me?’, I am ready to start searching for an amazing house. Of hundreds of pictures Google showed to me, that house immediately grabbed my attention.

I call this amazing!

It is designed in accordance with nature. Its smooth and moving shape leaves no chance for monotony and routine. It’s very laconic and tunes you up to think about real values, things that matter and at the same time relaxes you and sets your mind in piece. It is elegant but restrained, which makes it a perfect background shading in the personality of the owner.

The way you perceive it depends a lot on its surrounding. That is a very strong point to me. It shows that though it is manmade, it is a harmonic element of the universe. It is a part of an entity.

All these things together make it more than just a house to me - it’s a powerful source of inspiration. No matter what you do in this house, you will do it creatively and with a special feeling. Moreover, it’ll help the owner to identify like-minded people, because I’m sure that not all of you find it amazing or would like to live in such a house.

And what is an amazing house to you?

Below you’ll find some pictures of houses people call unusual or amazing. Maybe you’ll find something to your taste. And if you take time to explain ‘why?’, this will be another step to deeper understanding of yourself, which is good in itself:)

by Tatiana Likintseva
                                                                      club-school "Light"

Category: It's an amazing world | Added by: Guzeliya (27-May-2012) | Author: Tatiana Likintseva
Views: 3822 | Comments: 3 | Tags: amazing houses, unusual houses, manmade houses | Rating: 4.5/4
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1 Marina S  
As far as I know that this piano-shaped house is in China, right?
I personally would like to live in a house like that http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-n8yDC3_4TAk/T13vRZbx_cI/AAAAAAAAD4M/Y56lfeCkxh0/s1600/amazing-house-in-Singapore-2-600x431.jpg

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