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7 reasons to learn English
Is it popular to know foreign languages nowadays? I assure you that it is so! 

There are a lot of different countries on our planet, consequently people, who live there, speak different languages. To be understood in a foreign country, you should know a foreign language. 

We are living in the time of digital inclusion, in a rapidly globalizing world, when the necessity of knowing foreign languages is also obvious. 

The most popular foreign language is the English language. So, what are the reasons to learn English?

European countries. There is a great chance to be understood there if know English and can speak it fluently. You will certainly get indelible impression with the knowledge of English. Moreover, it will help you to travel easily all over the world, as people in more than 100 countries speak English. Travelling will help you to see how amazing the world is!

Nowadays English helps you quite well to find both a well paid and an interesting job. You have a possibility to work in a joint venture company and freely communicate with people from all over the world.

Gadgets that we have a lot nowadays also require the knowledge of English. All the gadgets make us up-to-date, but if we don’t know English, they won’t work well and long. English helps you to keep abreast with the times.

Learning English makes us more intelligent, broadminded. It is very well when you understand English songs, read books, written by English or American writers in the original. You understand customs and traditions of English-speaking countries much better when you know English.

Internet. Can you imagine your life without the Internet? Nobody can. There is a lot of different information in the Internet; however you can find much more information there, if you know English. The English language will help you to chat with people from all over the world.

Shakespeare, Shelly, Shaw. Would you like to read them in the original? Their works are undoubtedly worth reading! It would be better, if they are read in the original.

Humour. Can you understand English humour that is rather specific, quite well? You will understand it better when you know English!

In conclusion I must say that "nothing is impossible to a willing heart”, learn English to be smart, witty, and not to be boring, as a master of information is a master of situation.    
                                                    by Elena Simonova
                                                    school 22

Category: It's an amazing world | Added by: gretagolden73 (24-May-2012) | Author: Elena Simonova
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