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Do we need natural energy?
For many centuries people have been using energy of minerals, but there isn’t infinite quantity of these. That’s why problem of finding other energy sources appeared. 

There are many different ways of getting energy along with traditional ones. I know such natural sources of energy as: sun energy, wind and tide energy, and even there is a theory that we can get energy from the depth of the Earth.

Scientists consider that these sources are harmless for people’s health and environmentally friendly. They don’t pollute air, water and soil and they are renewable. Unlike traditional sources of getting energy, producing these kinds of energy doesn’t give out any toxic wastes.

In many countries solar energy becomes more and more preferable. People install solar batteries on their roofs and use them to warm their houses, for their domestic appliances and gadgets. People have been using this kind of energy in Switzerland and China for a long time. 

Disadvantages of using natural sources are costly equipment and the fact that it can not be produced in any part of the world.

For example, wind and tide energy can be received only in windy and coastal parts. Wind energy is used in the USA by windwheels.

As for using tide energy there are big hydroelectric stations in China, Brazil, Venezuela, Canada and Russia.

In my opinion, using of these ways of generating energy will be soon made available and will be widely used all over the world.

Moreover, scientists are developing ways to save and keep energy. It can make alternative energy more popular.

Category: Ecology | Added by: Chuda (21-Nov-2011) | Author: Evgeniya Belous
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1 Alena  
Using of alternative energy sources is a very important issue of our time.It is necessary for the survival of civilization and the planet.

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