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100 People: A World Portrait
"100 People” is a world-wide project aimed at ‘statistically and visually bringing the local with the global”.

To achieve this goal the project founders suggest moving in three directions:

-       100 People: A World Portrait

-       10 Global Issues Through Our Lens

-       100 People Under the Sun

The first one deals with stories and documentaries provided by children from all over the world who tell us about people from their neighbourhood who seem outstanding and unique for them. All the stories are uploaded to the site of the project www.100People. There are a lot of schools registered and a great number of stories, videos and works of art inspired by the project.

All the stories are about ordinary people who live in different corners of our planet, so reading the stories and watching the videos we have a unique opportunity not only to get closer to the whole world, but also to understand that there is much more similar than different between all of us.  

Thousands of nominations are being collected from around the world and in the end there will be chosen 100 people who will represent the Earth population of nearly 7 billion. This is supposed to be a simple model of the world which will help to simplify understanding processes and phenomena taking place on our planet.

Here is the main idea of the project – to create a multi-media travelling exhibition: the World Portrait which gives everyone a chance to represent one’s community and to virtually visit a great number of other communities all over the world.

Without any doubt, knowing gives understanding as knowing more about people around us we can understand them better. Once we learn our neighbours’ stories we start to care about them, consequently we start to care about resourses we share with our neigbours and the planet we inhabit together.  

"Global Issues Through Our Lens” deals with 10 global problems vitally important to everyone on Earth: water, food, transportation, health, economy, education, energy, shelter, war and waste. These are areas of critical global concern that affect us all and the goal is to create media that illustrates each of these topics.

All the issues are of great importance still there is one that turned out to be a separate area of the project called "100 People Under the Sun” which deals with the problem of energy. The 100 People Foundation is creating a global profile of the ways that people and communities around the world use energy. The focus of this profile centers on one of the oldest—and yet one of the most innovative—sources of energy we know: the sun. Some people have already begun considering other sources of energy to power our planet, they are inventing new uses for sunlight, creating a future for our planet that is independent of fossil fuel. The stories about them are also presented in the project gallery.

"100 People” is a global educational toolbox with great educational impact. Teachers from schools on every continent can use the media to enrich their lesson plans and engage students in learning about the world population — starting with their neighborhood. Teachers around the world have been using the statistics for years to start a dialogue not just about where people come from in the world, but also about the challenges they face. If the world were 100 people, how many would have clean water to drink? How many would be undernourished? How few of us would have the privilege of owning a computer?

These statistics are powerful learning tools which help students develop an equalizing and expansive framework for seeing the people they share the planet's resources with and for activating their role as global citizens.

We are happy to be a part of the project being the only school in Russia officially accepted in it. This year we are working with statistics, we inspire our students to take an active part in creating our community portrait, we use the ready-made lesson plans that teach us how to make successful presentations.  The other two areas are also challenging and inspiring and maybe we will turn our attention to them one day.

Join us.

Category: Ecology | Added by: Chuda (27-Nov-2011) | Author: Larisa Arkhangelskaya
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1 Marina Shvets  
I really appreciate the experience we're gaining while participating in this project. In fact, even the topic of the current issue was chosen thanks to "100 people".:)

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