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Vets in the USA

I have never really liked Americans because I thought that they only appreciate material values. But I completely changed my mind when I faced to a serious problem.

Not long ago my cat was seriously ill and I realized that we don’t have any good animal hospitals in our town. I couldn’t pay anybody to treat my cat. We don’t have any specialists in veterinary, no laboratories, no x-rays for animals. Everyone says: "Don’t worry so much, it’s just a pet.” But it’s not, it’s a living creature and I want to get good medical help. Unfortunately my cat died, I blamed myself because I couldn’t help him.

After a while I saw a TV programme on Animal Planet about American animal hospitals. I was so surprised with their quality. I think these hospitals are better than ours for people. All the vets after graduating from the university have 2-year obligatory practice. They never give up, if a pet has any serious disease and you’ll never hear that it’s just a pet. They perform any kind of operations and they even do transplantations. In Russia nobody knows that transplantations can be done for animals.

I was even more surprised when I heard about hemotransfusion stations for pets. There are some owners that come to these stations with their pets to donate blood and save other pets’ lives. Dogs have 11 blood groups. Imagine how difficult it’s to carry out this work.

In case if your cat or dog loses its front or hind legs, nobody puts it down. There are specialists who work on the artificial limbs so they give a chance to save your pets’ life.

And what about emergency aid? No one will help your pet at night; we just don’t have such a service. Why do our vets allow the pets to die? In the USA every hospital offers such a service.  There’s a doctor on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Thereby the animal hospital as a usual hospital that has a reception, a waiting area, exam rooms, surgery suites, a treatment area, ultrasound and many other things.

    Surgery suite Treatment area                                                           

It’s really an amazing world when you compare two countries and their attitude. You can come to a hospital and doctors will stay indifferent to your problems, they’ll ignore you and your serious case. At the same time you can have a look at the other country where people try to save everybody’s life even if it’s a rat or a cat or someone else. What is it? Is it an economical problem or a moral one? What have we forgotten? To be warm-hearted or that medicine should be highly developed in all the areas?

http://www.vcahospitals.com/north-division/our-hospital/hospital-tour it’s one of the hospitals in WA in the US

Category: It's an amazing world | Added by: Guzeliya (24-May-2012) | Author: Nastya Shelyakina
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