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Ulyanovsk is the great city of Russia

Among many Russian cities, there is a city which has a lot of features that are not typical of other ones. This is Ulyanovsk, ‘the city of seven winds’. Ulyanovsk is situated on the banks of two rivers, the Volga and the Sviyaga, which flow  in opposite directions! The town was an important port in the past. Ulyanovsk is the birthplace of such great historical figures as Lenin, Goncharov, Plastov and Kerensky. There are quite a lot of things to see in Ulyanovsk. For instance, there is a beautiful ensemble of modern architecture, which was built in memory of the 100th birthday of Lenin, and several other tourist attractions like the President Bridge across the Volga, Goncharov`s House and a lot of other old and interesting places. There are  beautiful and unique 18th century houses and cobbled streets in the centre of the city. It`s a nice place to visit because it reflects the spirit  of the best years of the Russian Empire. We have got approximately 50 universities and colleges. However, only 5 of them are known all over Russia: High Aviation School, Technical University, Agricultural Academy, the Classical Ulyanovsk State University and Pedagogical University named after Lenin’s father I.N.Ulyanov. Ulyanovsk is also the centre of aeronautics and mechanical engineering, where cargo plane Ruslan, unparalleled in the world, is produced.  The President  bridge over the river Volga was built here not a long ago. This bridge, which is longer than 5 km, is one of the longest in Russia and in Europe. While building this object they  used the most modern technology. All in all, we can say that Ulyanovsk is a really great Russian city. And those people, who haven’t been  here yet, should visit this wonderful city!

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