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One day of pupils' life

I want to tell you about one day of my school life.

One day our Russian classes were replaced in the timetable. The young teacher decided to organize a competition. Our class was divided into two equal groups. The first group included all the boys of our class and only some girls. The other group consisted of the girls only. The first group won the competition, and the second one lost. It seemed to the second group that the first group had won dishonestly. And it took offence at the other team. In the course of two weeks the groups didn't communicate with each other. Every team had its own opinion. The members of the first team thought that the second team simply envied them. But the second one contended that the points hadn't been counted up correctly.

The relationships between the schoolmates were very hostile. We simply hated each other. But in a moment we realized that it was silly. After all we are classmates. We had to reconcile to this unquestionable fact. We became less rude and hard-hearted with respect to each other and even rose in our rivals’ estimation. We started to respect every person, every student, every our classmate who was near at hand.

We realized all the importance of our friendly relations. In spite of everything we’re classmates. We spend the most part of the day at school, so we should try to create favourable atmosphere in our class and not to disturb, offend and touch our classmates’ feelings. So, we were reconciled with the members of the other team. The first group insisted on rapprochement and imposing on contacts between us. The second group was less initiative. The second group accused the teacher of their embroiling with us. But I don’t think so. I think that any collective can't exist without conflicts. It is one of collective rules. Conflicts are necessary in moderate quantity and it is correct.

But don’t forget that these are two different kinds of conflicts. They can be simple, based just on domestic violence. But sometimes they happen to be very serious and they’re connected with various disagreements between people. It seems to me that the majority of conflicts arise because of dissimilarity of tastes, ideals, idols. Our class wasn’t an exception. We like the same things, we study in one class, but nevertheless something caused this conflict. It seems to me that it is some people’s personal hostility to each other. These people don't want to take into consideration other people’s opinions, for example, their classmates’ opinions. I think that it is necessary to erase this hostility as soon as possible. I realize that it’s very difficult and this process can be long. But I think we are sure to overcome all the difficulties.


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Very toughtful. Collaboration skill is one of the 4 major skills for the 21st century

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