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Biathlon rocks!

Everybody knows that tastes differ. Different people have different hobbies.

As for me, I prefer having an active rest instead of sitting in front of the TV set. I go in for sports, in for biathlon. It is my both hobby and favourite pastime. I like biathlon very much, besides I can say that it is my cup of tea. I train every day, though it’s not very easy sometimes.  

  I have been going in for biathlon for 6 years already. I have already taken part in many competitions. I can say that I have hardly caught a cold since I began going in for biathlon. Moreover, I’m pleased with the fact that biathlon is becoming very popular now especially with teenagers. 

  So, why do I go in for sports? Firstly, I think that it is very important for a man to be strong and well-built. Secondly, sport is not for weak people, as, if you go in for sports, you have to learn how to lose, and it's not easy.

 My favourite proverb says: "A sound mind is in sound body". 

 I know that it’s necessary to work hard to get good results. That’s why to be in a good shape I like jogging every morning, and don’t remember to do morning exercises. I certainly believe that nothing is impossible to a willing heart and in some time I’ll achieve brilliant results in biathlon.

     Go in for sports and your life will be much better.

Category: ISSUE #5 | Added by: Guzeliya (12-Feb-2012) | Author: Alexander Chernov
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