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Music - soundtrack of my life

Music plays a really important role in my life. It’s my teacher and my best friend. But I like only two kinds of music: rock and classical music. Someone may think that it’s weird because they are totally different. Rock music is aggressive and malicious. But it has its own meaning and it gives you energy and emotions. Classical music has an unusual beauty of sound, produced by classical instruments.

So, I’ve been playing the guitar for a year. I think I do it well because my teacher told me that I’d worked hard and now I am a good musician. It was a very difficult process to learn to play this instrument. But it’s worth it! I have a lot of good friends at the musical school and we started playing in the band half a year ago. It’s very interesting and we have a lot of fun at every rehearsal. We haven’t got the name yet. It’s difficult to think of a  name for our band because we want to have something special in it. The name is a face of a band.

Two months ago I also started learning to play the violin. The violin is a very beautiful instrument with amazing sound. I can’t describe how hard it is. Every cell of your body has to be controlled by your brain. You must be very attentive, patient, and pitch perfect. I’ve not succeeded in playing the violin yet but I’ll practise every day and I’ll prove that nothing is impossible. Some people, for example, violin teachers, say that it’s just a waste of time if you start learning being older than ten. But I really like this instrument and I won’t give up. In general, playing music takes me about two hours of hard work every day.

Every day in my life starts and finishes with music. It helps me in difficult situations and makes my mood better. Try to understand the meaning of the word "music”. It’s worth it!!!


Category: ISSUE #5 | Added by: Guzeliya (17-Feb-2012) | Author: Marina Korobko
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2 Sergey  
When I was a kid I kept negging my mom to buy me a violin...I think I saw somebody playing it (most probably on TV) and I thought that I was able to play it too....
Now I can play the guitar!

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1 Tatiana  
Very inspiring! I'm sure you'll be good at palying both instruments:)

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