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Camping adventure

The sun was shining and birds were singing…Stop, it’s not about my holiday! Actually it was quite a rainy summer day, when my friends and I got together to go camping on the bank of the Volga. Getting there was very difficult. Sometimes we really had the feeling that our car was about to fall into the canyon or from the hill. (Our parents are still not aware of this fact).

So, when we finally arrived at the place we found there was lots of rubbish there! It was strange, because a year ago there was no trace of human in this place! Our group quickly cleared the entire territory, it wasn’t a problem for us. While fellows were setting up tents, girls were cooking dinner. Having eaten everything, our group went for a walk in the forest. We walked around for a long time and gazed at the grey sky in search of the sun. Then we began to talk about the terrible weather  that summer. As soon as I began to think that things wouldn’t get any worse, a storm began. Our whole team of six people hid from the rain in my tent, as it was the biggest of them all. The only thing I remember is how my friend showed some tricks to distract us from the cold.

When the storm was over  it was already quite dark. But my friends and I did not give up and still wanted to have a good time. So, we decided to walk along the bank and swim in the cool water. Not far from the beach, my friend Kate found a strange old ship. There was a light inside and we could see someone walking inside the ship. In a couple of minutes our whole group noticed the actions of a man on the ship. Holding a canister with an unknown liquid, he gradually began to pour it into something. Then the smell of chemicals spread all over the beach.

My friends and I quietly went to the ship. One of the boys noticed that there was a chemical laboratory inside the ship. I told the others that we all had to be cautious and it would probably be better for us to leave the deck… But it was too late. The man heard our conversation and found us. He got us to leave the ship. We all followed his instructions. But we were still suspicious…
   Suddenly, someone had the idea to call the police. Of course! How could we not think about it earlier?.. Some time later the police arrived and arrested the man. He turned out to be a criminal, whom the police had been searching for a few years.

A week later the weather started to get better and the sun finally appeared in the sky. That time everyone could watch amazing sunrises and sunsets over the Volga again.

Category: ISSUE #5 | Added by: Guzeliya (23-Feb-2012) | Author: Lisa Lushnikova
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