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My appeal to the peers

My last winter holidays I mostly spent on the skating rink near my school. I went there just to keep an eye on my sister, to help her with advice to improve her skating skills. But I was shocked and astonished at what I saw there. A few 10-13 year-old pupils were standing near the board smoking. 

As soon as I saw it I got worried about my sister, because those guys could easily offer my sister a cigarette or just made her smoke it. Fortunately, she promised me that she would never even touch it. After it I went to the smokers and asked them about the reason why they smoked. As they could see me sometimes at school, they were not scared and began to talk about their sick nerves, their difficult school life and teachers who always make them be good pupils. The only girl, who was among the smokers, truly said to me that 

the reason for that was vulgarism, they just wanted to look older. I’m sure that every city, every quarter has some children, who smoke because of it. That’s why I’d like to make an appeal to younger generation: If you want to show everyone that you aren’t a child already, a cigarette or a bottle of beer is the worst thing to help you! The most important thing at this age is to resist the temptation to use drugs, even light, like cigarette or alcohol, because these activities can cause you a lot of trouble. You can even become an invalid. Girls, healthy boys, who could be your perfect match in the future, can’t stand smoking girls. Don’t ruin your health. There are so many wonderful things in the world to fill your life with! 

Category: ISSUE #5 | Added by: Guzeliya (22-Feb-2012) | Author: Arteom Arinin
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1 Tatiana  
Thanks a lot for bringing up this topic.

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