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Free time

   Hi. My name is Galya. I live in Russia. I am a pupil. I go to school six days a week. I learn two foreign languages: English and French.
   I don’t have much free time, as I am always very busy at school, but when I’m free I like to spend my free time with my friends. I have got many friends. We like to walk together and laugh a lot.
   I have got the best friend. Her name is Nadya. We often visit each other. In summer we live together in my summer residence. We have summer holidays, and we can do everything we want. We go to the river to swim and to sunbathe. We play sport games. We just have a lot of fun. We also like listening to music and dancing. Of course, we don’t forget that there are a lot of people around us and they all came to have a rest.    We try not to make our neighbours angry . Moreover, I can assure you that they are always pleased with us.  

 It is winter now. There is much snow in the streets. It is very beautiful when all the trees are covered with snow. We like to play snowballs and make snowmen. Besides that we ski, skate and sledge. As its cold outdoors, we spend our free time surfing the net and chatting. Of course, we don’t forget to read books and magazines.
   I agree, that all seasons are beautiful but Nadya and I  long for summer again, to have fun in the summer residence, to sunbathe and not to leave the Volga river during the whole day.
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