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Game "Make up a story"

It is very funny and interesting! I can do it all day long with my friends. It is not difficult! Do you know what I’m telling you about? Can you play the game "Make Up a Story”? No? Shame on you! I do not know people who can’t play this game. If you really can’t I will help you to learn the rules. Let’s begin!

Two or more people can play this game. You need a sheet of paper and a pencil or a pen. The game monitor asks you a question and the others write down the answer on their sheets of paper. You shouldn’t think for a long time. It’s the main rule!

You’d better answer at once. Let it be the first idea in your head. The game monitor may ask you questions like these:

  1. What?

  2. What does it do?

  3. Where?

  4. When?

  5. Why? ...etc…

After each answer the players should roll up the part of the paper to cover it. Then they answer the next question. When the questions are over and the stories are ready, we take all the sheets. We decide how to read the story: the whole story or just a little passage from it. I always choose the second variant. I think that it’s a way to smile.  The stories are usually very funny and the players usually laugh a lot.

I can say that this game is my hobby. I began to play it 2 years ago. I collect my stories and the stories of my friends. Now I have a big collection of funny stories. I’m proud of my strange and unusual collection. I like to read and to look through the stories from time to time together with my friends. We laugh, play jokes and remember pleasant and interesting moments. Maybe in future when I become a grown-up, I’ll suddenly find my box with stories and make up my mind to write a book. I’ll choose the funniest stories then and include them into my book. Perhaps the title of it will be "Funny Stories of My Childhood”. I want to believe that it will be a favourite book of many children and grown-ups. I hope I become a famous writer. And if my old friends forget me, they will read this book. They’ll remember about me, and we’ll probably meet and talk about our childhood!

I advise you to play this game with your family and friends at the parties or at school during the breaks. This game is a good attraction. It’ll help you to improve your imagination, to know your friends better and to have a good time with your family. You should try to play this game. I think you will be really impressed.

  If you think that my hobby is very unusual you are right. But I like it. I’m sure that nobody in the world has such an interesting hobby. And I think it’s great!

Category: ISSUE #5 | Added by: Guzeliya (03-Feb-2012) | Author: Ann Klyushenkova
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