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Football in my life

Someone likes to collect stamps. Someone likes badges. Someone likes coins. Someone likes to collect the materials about the butterflies. There are those who collect the most interesting material about history of the country. There are those who love sport. For example: badminton, hockey, volleyball. It is a hobby. My hobby is football. Unfortunately, I don’t go in for this sport. But I watch it on TV, I read books about football, I am a fan of CSKA and Russian national team. You will be surprised, but all members of my family love this magnificent game - my mother Oksana, father Valera, grandmothers Alisa and Galina, my little sister Alisa, who is  only 6 years old. 

At first, I`d like to tell you about the evolution of my interest in football. Everything has occurred casually. Boys in my class often speak about football, and it became interesting for me. What did they find in this game?

When I watched a match of Russian national team in 2008 I understood that football is an amazing game. You can have a lot of different emotions during 90 minutes of game - pleasure, excitement, disappointment, hope. You can see a lot of beautiful moments of a match - feints, beautiful goals, penalties. 

I am a fan of  PFC CSKA. Here is some information: PFC CSKA is a professional football club, the central sports club of army .It is one of the oldest and titled Russian football clubs. It was founded in 1911. Last year it celebrated the 100th  anniversary. The most known players of last years are Grigory Fedotov, Vsevolod Bobrov.

 Many players of PFC CSKA are players of the national Russian team. They are Igor Akinfeev, Aleksey and Vasily Berezutsky, Sergey Ignashevich, Pavel Mamayev, Grigory Chennikov and Alan Dzagoev.

 Probably, each fan has a favourite player. For me it is Igor Akinfeev. He is a goalkeeper of  CSKA and the National team. Despite the age - he is 25 years old, he is a veteran of the national team. Having rather medium on modern standards height-186 cm, he  hardly ever makes mistakes in air. He  communicates with fans very often. Two years ago he published a book «100 penalties from readers». It would be interesting for me to meet this player, and all the other players because all of them are special.  
      Every week I read magazines «The Weekly journal Football» and «World football». My favourite book is «The red- blue is the strongest!» by Denis Tselyh. I have a disk with fan songs and a scarf with a logo of my favorite team.

My dream is to visit one of the matches of CSKA and the national team. And I am very glad that Russia got the  opportunity to hold the FIFA World Cup in 2018!!! I am sure that fans from all the countries should come and see this unforgettable show. And we will be glad to welcome you in our country!

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1 Tatiana  
WOW, the author is a girl!! The most unexpected ending to me:)

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