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Dancing jazz-modern

A dance, what is it? There are many definitions of dance, but one of them can not answer the question what is a "dance". And it is understandable since the dance is created by  man, and he decides that his dance is an art, entertainment, a way of self-expression or a way of life. Consequently, many people have different definitions of "dance". Todd Schoen, who was an American dancer and choreographer, one of the founders of the dance "modern", said "Dance is the only art, whose material is ourselves." It also explains why there are so many styles and trends in dance, and why it depends on age, nationality, way of living and so on.

Nowadays, the number of types of dances is so big as never before. They are go-go, hip-hop, LA-style, break dance, popping, locking, and many others. But, in my opinion, the most energetic and expressive from all dances is jazz-modern which includes the best things from jazz and modern dance.

A mixture of ballet and different kinds of dances gave birth to a new trend which was called "jazz-modern." Originally the jazz dance was created by Africans and African Americans.

In addition, the technique of jazz-modern is widely used in all modern dances. Many stars of pop culture use it in the productions of their shows and clips.

 In this art form the most valuable  things are internal movements, clear lines, good work of lungs (breathing). Prepared by technique of modern-jazz body become strong, plastic, flexible,  it has  excellent form and perfect posture.   

This dance is a combination of relaxed body movements  generated by the pulse, which gives the body a chance to sail freely in space. Uneven body movements, spectacular dance pas, unbelievable acrobatic figures and even some optical effects - the dance is totally dependent on the imagination, on the unity of the dancer’s soul with the world.

   Energy of two styles gave characteristics of both dance forms to jazz-modern. It took a lightness and an ease to overcome the rules of classic from jazz; modern dance added some shock  in it.    

The variety of expressive elements of jazz-modern dance makes it much more democratic, unpredictable and almost boundless. This dance is a new language of movement, which is free from conventions, but which is based on dance experience of many years.    

This is a way to escape from everyday life and bustle, in which we and respectively our bodies are. Jazz -modern is a  challenging activity to everyone who is going to dance, because it is limited primarily to intellectual and creative abilities. The standard behavior, the standard reaction, the standard behaviour that we were taught throughout  our lives by parents, school ... Jazz-modern changes everything! It let us be ourselves, not as required by the society.

   To sum up, the jazz-modern dance is not only a popular kind of the art with beautiful style of movement, unpredictable choreography, filled with a human soul, his feelings and emotions, but also an opportunity to relax, escape from the daily routine, an activity that can help to fill your mind and body with energy and the strength of his individuality. It is also necessary for man to be himself, although it is very difficult with our bustling lifestyle. And I want to finish my article with one more quote: "We should consider every day, which we have not danced at least once, as lost".

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