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Backstage as my greatest experience

Hello! I would like to tell you about my awesome hobby. I consider it awesome because it is really interesting! It does not matter whether I dance or take part in a sketch, the main thing for me is to be on the stage. But to my mind, the most important part of any performance is the atmosphere of the backstage.

When I was a kid (5 years old) my grandmother took me to the concert in which she took part together with her colleagues. When we came backstage she asked me to stay there and wait for her. I was so impressed that I could not even move: so many people, so many feelings, different costumes. Somebody cried, because they couldn’t do anything, somebody was happy, because everything was all right. Since that time stage has become my dream.

Right now stage is my greatest passion, and  I can say  it’s my second home.

It started with dances. I attended choreography studio for five years and very often we took part in different concerts with different dances. I finished the studio classes but it is still my hobby.

My second stage experience is taking part in comedy sketches. I loved to speak and to joke on the stage! It’s so pleasant when the spectators understand my jokes, laugh and applaud.

But the biggest pleasure for me was to attend the model agency. I took part in fashion shows and beauty contests. And I continue to do it.

All members of my family in certain periods of their lives were connected with the stage. They approve of my hobby and I think that my future job will be connected with it. At least I am dreaming of it.

My favourite place is backstage, because everything that the spectators see on stage is the result of our feelings and efforts at the backstage.

Category: ISSUE #5 | Added by: Guzeliya (24-Feb-2012) | Author: Dasha Ignatieva
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You are lucky! New and no ordinary experience!!!

I like it since this topic is closed to me and it was pleasant to remmember the atmosphere of the backstage.

I myself has been on the stage a lot of times and I really know what it's like to get ready for a performance. I think I could be quite a good actor...

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