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International Friendship club

Do you know what International Friendship Club (IFC) is? Do you? I`m going to tell you about it. 
IFC is a youth organization, where you can spend your time. We meet once a week on Saturdays and  tell our friends about our success, positive and negative moments of our mutual work. 
The name of our club is: "Give me your hand across the ocean”. We were "born” on the 8th November 2010 but  since that time we have done a lot.

First, we’ve made a lot of friends abroad. Our foreign penfriends share news about their lives with us, and so do we, because it is a main purpose of IFC. Second, we have our own newspaper, where we write about what we have learned from our friends.  We also write about interesting holidays that are celebrated all over the world and contests that we hold at school.
Third, this summer we visited Scandinavian Peninsula: Finland, Sweden and Norway. We learned a lot about the culture of these countries, their traditions, their cuisine and music. What’s more, I made a friend, his name is Godm. He got really interested in our club;we are communicating with him by e-mail and skype.
Fourth, we participated in the project: "100 people: a world portrait”. We nominated and wrote about people we know and admire. Some works were placed on the project  website.
Finally, we started up a tradition to celebrate New Year following the customs of a particular country. We’ve already celebrated some English and Chinese holidays.
I would also like to tell you more about us. Our club is not so big, about 20 members. The founder of IFC is Maria Klychenkova. She often shows videos of places,she’s been to, tells us different interesting stories. The president of our club is Pauline Borisova. We all have various responsibilities, and we help each other. I like to do it.
I believe that such clubs should be created in schools all over the world to give students the opportunities to know more about different countries and make new friends.  We spend a lot of time and effort on our club, but it's worth it!

Category: ISSUE #5 | Added by: Guzeliya (23-Feb-2012) | Author: Elmira Malikova
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3 Biryukova Tatyana  

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2 Tatiana  
Sounds very inspiring. I'd like to take part in some of your sessions:)

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1 Biryukova Tatyana  
Lets be Friends!!! Our club of international friendship of school 82 Ulyanovsk and your Club!!!! lets exchange news and information!!!!!!
Hope to hear from you soon!!!
Biryukova Tatiana, the organizator of the Club.

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