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Winston Churchil
"We shall never surrender”

When I first heard about the article, I remembered Churchill. His personality is a legend in history, his name associates with strength, power and wholly Great Britain. His deeds became important not only for England but for the whole world. His outstanding intellect expressed itself in art, engineering, writing, and now we can hardly say who he was: a politician, a writer, a speaker or a hero of jokes about England. His ambitious and hard-working nature made him a great speaker who influenced people’s minds, although he wasn’t a natural public speaker and was practicing for hours, his political intuition predicted the German invasion but it couldn’t be use with benefit.

He made a choice to fight at all costs inspiring meanwhile his country in the darkest times during the Second World War with his treatments when no country supported England in its decision to fight against Nazi German. And for me it was one of the most important deed he could do for his country and people. Because the ability to defend your own decision and be responsible for it – that was and will be real value at all times. Of course this trait always singled him out sometimes making him defenseless or not popular, but I think with such an outlook on life you could say "I did my best”.

He had never promised dolce vita or easy decisions, but "blood, toil, tears and sweat” winning his listeners’ trust, awaking their patriotic feeling and faith in a good times. His speeches have always united the people, given them a common idea and a guide to action. Nowadays such a facts are really rare; usual speeches mostly divide people to some parties, so Churchill’s still the brightest example of a great leader.

P.S. the famous motto "Keep calm and carry on” was created in Churchill’s times too. So maybe he had also a commercial vein?..

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