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The Beatles
Imagine you were told that "The Beatles" is the result of a social experiment to change the consciousness which has no parallel in history. And it is the band which popularity was artificially created by British and American scientists and sociologists. I am pretty sure that nobody would believe it.

I believe if there had been  no "The Beatles", there would be neither  rock music  nor its numerous "descendants" now. They brought hope, peace and love into the world.

How did "The Beatles" become so wildly popular? My answer is that the guys from "The Beatles" were not only talented musicians, but they also succeeded to find the key to the hearts of millions of young people. John Lennon and his friends protested against social system, against wealth, human selfishness, cruelty, and violence. In other words, I can say they were a bit rock-communists who tried to make the world brighter.

Тhey rapidly became popular with lots of people all over the world as well as with the press. According to Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and the Stanford Research Center, the four men from "The Beatles” created special youth slang ,for example, the words such as ‘teenager’, ‘cool’ as well as a new style of clothing and hairstyles.

On 7th February in 1964, "The Beatles” arrived in the USA. It was their first visit there. They got their popularity straight away. They greatly influenced American youth . As the result,  there appeared a lot of rock bands. Rock concerts became a must-have-everyday life for the American youth.

In June 1965, they got the Queen's musical award for "outstanding contribution to the prosperity of Great Britain". It was the greatest recognition of their popularity.

The band was so popular that they managed to give a concert in the Soviet Union, where musicians from foreign countries were forbidden.

I think  if John Lennon, who was the leader of the band, had not been killed, "The Beatles” would be still one of the most popular rock band nowadays!

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